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Torre Crane’s New Addition – Terex AC 350/6


Torre Crane Announces the Purchase of the Terex All Terrain AC 350/6 Crane Giving the Construction Firm Greater Flexibility and Independence

Torre Crane of San Antonio, Texas recently purchased a new crane for use in its day-to-day operations. The Terex All Terrain AC 350/6 Crane is the latest addition to the company’s impressive inventory of cranes and this one will make a world of difference to the 7 year old firm.

The Terex All Terrain AC 350/6 gives Torre Crane more flexibility in the market and is a significant purchase because now the firm doesn’t have to sub-contract the work of assembling/disassembling their tower cranes. The new 412 foot maximum system length Terex lets Torre Crane now do that in-house! This will significantly speed up their work allowing the company to complete projects that much faster for clients and will lead to significant cost savings for the company. The new 400 ton crane will now also give the company the ability to service other jobs that may require a flexible hydraulic crane. This purchase is a win-win for all involved.

Terex is a leader in the production of construction cranes and the first choice for Torre and others in the market for cranes.

Torre Crane was established in 2005 by Paolo Salvatore and currently has cranes all over San Antonio. Torre is family-owned and has been serving the San Antonio community for years. Torre Crane is community centered and is dedicated to client satisfaction in all its jobs.

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